Children, family & pets price list



Digital Packages (Family & Children & pets)


A. Photo shoot with 5 high resolution, edited images on disc - £65

B. Photo shoot with 10 high resolution, edited images on disc - £80

C. Photo shoot with 20 high resolution, edited images on disc - £100

D.Photo shoot with all the images taken, edited to disc in colour and a large selection in B&W - £120


Print Packages (Family & Children & pets)


D. Photo shoot with 1 x A5 & 1 x A4 edited prints £65

E. Photo shoot with 1 x A4 & 1 X A3 edited prints £85

F. Bespoke package. Please contact me with your requirements.


Newborn & Babies

As we all know, when it comes to babies, we work on their time so I have created this package just for them. 

Allowing more time for feeds and and cuddles makes for a stress-free shoot.


Up to 3 hours photography

Creative shots of baby alone

Detail/close up shots of baby (feet/hands etc)

Beautiful shots of baby and parents

with 30+ beautifully edited images £120


Exrta digital images £5 per image


Extra Prints.


All prints are colour matched and printed with top quality archival epson paper & inks


A5 - £7.50

A4 - £15.00

A3 - £25.00

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